Welcome to Pericope!

Pericope.org is a resource for pastors to use to assist in developing their sermons and bulletins for each Sunday based on the one- or three-year lectionary in Lutheran Service Book. The notes are NOT complete at this time. Most are still those of Lutheran Worship (1982).

To aid in that, we offer:

  • A forum (e-mail discussion list) to talk with other pastors or laypeople about the pericope for the week, and get feedback from others as you develop ideas for your sermon.  To subscribe to this use the "Subscribe!" button on the left.

  • A series of liturgical notes developed by the Rev. David Hakes giving more information on the theme of the day, appropriate hymns from all major LCMS worship books, including LW, TLH, or LSB, and related sermon texts.

  • A listing of Book of Concord segments based on the readings for the day to assist your laity in learning more about this historic resource.

The Hakes Notes can be viewed by selecting the week (Service Notes).